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We’re on a mission to start a conversation with your customers in this fast connected world. Let’s discover, build and grow your digital business

Right from the year of our inception, Xera Technologies have been following the concept of developing & implementing terrific ideas that empower the clients’ business & enhance their lives through innovative enterprise solutions. Our team is differentiated by the imagination, knowledge, and experience across technologies that we bring to each project we handle. We understand the importance of nurturing relationships.

We at Xera Technologies follow an efficient process towards the development of customized software solutions which perfectly suits the requirement of individual clients.

In this tech-savvy and digital era, there is always a demand for new technologies and services. The world constantly moves towards new advancements and innovation, to keep up with those technologies, many businesses need to adapt to the changes by incorporating new software and technology. Xera Technologies is a well-established software development company based out of Sydney, and we provide custom software solutions to our clients to help them boost their business efficiently. With the use of high-end tools and technologies, we offer lucrative custom software development solutions for clients. We have a highly skilled team of developers, designers, and marketing analysts to deliver the best software solutions to businesses.

At Xera Technologies, we thoroughly understand your business goals and requirements and do extensive research on the project scope, objectives, and needs to deliver timely solutions. As a leading software development company in India, we follow a comprehensive software development process to satisfy the customer’s needs and achieve market goals. Our custom software development solutions and automation help the business to run smoothly and efficiently hence ultimately reduces the cost and manual work required. Our software development services are available for all companies and organizations of any stature.

“Our dedicated developers and designers are innovative and incorporate the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT into the software to create and develop pioneering solutions for our clients”
our process

we follow the industries best practices for development through our finest technology experts

client interraction

At Xera, we leave nothing to chance whist we develop the software. We don’t assume; we ask, understand and articulate into an exact plan. The tangibility of this plan is the visual prototype and documentation of the software’s features in simple format. This guarantees that the result will match your expectation.

project creation

We operate under “Agile Methodology” where we effectively analyse and proceed rapid implement of the changes to the initial project scope. We make sure to handover the enhanced result as we follow the high standards throughout the lifecycle of the project.

continuing support

Our Project life cycle is incomplete without support. Through our commitment to superior customer service and a personal dedication to provide maximum support our clients on modifications or any concerns with respect to the project. We are your side!

Who We Are

Bringing innovation to market in a changing world

At Xera, we are passionate about blending creativity with technology to deliver integrated, robust, and scalable solutions to help automate business workflows

We offer project follow-up throughout the life of your product. Every site we design is unique, which is why our project tracking adapts accordingly. We organize regular points with the different protagonists of the project, we write reports, we can even offer complementary services as an accompaniment to the drafting of functional specifications or the writing of various deliverables (functional tests, Advanced guides, etc.).



We keep in mind the requirements of different types of business models and based on the same, we develop solutions that suit the need of all our clientele in the business world.


We build software that are developed in contemporary platforms; employ modern engineering practices and provide unlimited maintenance that make us stand out among our competitors.


We’re a group of exceptional Software Engineers, innovative thinkers, and the counterparts of the Technology that drives you! Leading the development and strategies for application development and requisite insights on forthcoming approach. Grow with us for an ever-changing world of technology by co-creating breakthrough solutions through mobility, dynamic analytics, and the web!

Our Great Story
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Kickstarted in Sydney, Australia. Started with creating an International Consolidated shipping Application. We have integrated premium shipping companies’ data in a single search engine as an automated process. We have worked relentlessly to have initial traction for Xera Technologies.

A milestone of 100 Projects we’re completed and our customer centric journey continued to attain better projects and deliver what matters to our Clients. We have collaborated with industry partners to deliver versatile projects in a short period.

We initiated the setting up of an offshore Development center in the Technology Hub Chennai where a team of young dynamic Engineers joined our journey. We have increased the technology arena like IoT and Machine Learning

After Dealing with versatile clients we have delivered 10 E-Commerce solutions with POS Integration and Data Warehouse management for a Chain of stores across Australia. We have implemented systems for more than half-million products.

Our expertise in IoT and Machine learning technologies paved the way to integrate advanced drone systems for Defence. We have evolved into the broader tech space with gaining futuristic technology experience as we successfully implemented software integrations for the Underwater drone technology.

With an introduction of new capabilities of not just peoples but machines, delivering high-quality customer experience consistently. We dawned on technology enhancements by empowering cloud computing, IoT, Machine Learning, Ecommerce Systems to name a few.